Top 3 Fall Trends for 2019

Top 3 Fall Trends for 2019

Fashion, Hair, and Makeup- Stunt Like a Sister This Season

Don’t Just Keep up With the Kardashians

Keep up with the latest trends, too. Now, granted, the lovely ladies of Calabasas can certainly update you on what’s hot and what’s not; but instead of binging 7 hours of reality TV on a Sunday, get educated on the ~latest lewks~ in less than a minute.

2019 has fathered some funky trends as of late, and boy are we lovin’ every second of it. Animal prints, bright colors, and tiny sunglasses took the summer by storm. But you’re probably left wondering what looks will trend this coming season. That’s where we come in. We’ve done all the dirty work for you and scoured through endless pages on the web for the trends we’ll be seeing this fall.

Though we do love our beauty rest, you won’t catch us sleepin’ on these anytime soon.

You’ve Heard of Itty Bitty Sunglasses…

But now get ready for itty bitty bags. Forget holding everything you need in one purse; this season, we’re trading convenience for fashion and we don’t care what you have to say about it. Big enough to fit a single airpod and tic tac, we’re loving this absurdly charming trend.

Take this straight from Rachel Basloe, Nordstrom’s creative director: “A small, structured style in a new shape is the statement bag of the season. We recommend combining two handbag trends by choosing snake print or croc-embossed leather, which are also big.” The Bitty Bag (TBB) has been creepin around and it’s expected to blow up in the upcoming months.

Now this doesn’t mean you can go stealing your barbie’s bags, but hey… If the shoe fits, wear it.

Get Berated…  With Barrettes!

If you know us, you know how much we love a quick and easy look (we ain’t got time like that, honey). So you can imagine our excitement when we realized that barrettes are leading in hair trends this fall. Keep your bags mini and your barretts big, baby.

Hair lookin’ bland and boring? Slap a barrette on it. In need of a funky hair piece to tie your look together? Slap. A barrette. On it. Wanna wow your friends? You guessed it- Slap a barrette on it!

Barrettes are like stickers for your hair; and from what we’ve seen, going bozo for barrettes (the way you would when you were 5 and in possession of a sticker book), is the way to go.

Euphoric Liners

Yeah, yeah. Everyone and their mothers is obsessed with HBO’s new hit show, Euphoria. But other than a compelling storyline and problematic characters, this show has blessed us with the greatest gift of all: Daniella Davy, head makeup artist and trend setter.

This season, we’re playing with colors, and lots of ‘em too. Time to start practicing that wing, cause you’re gonna need it. Instead of the classic and loved black liner, swap the void for a pop of orange, red, or green (and any color in between).

It’s a great way to dress up a look, and still make it seem like you tried a little (even if you didn’t. We won’t tell- cause we’ll be doing the same).

There are many trends looming around, ready to make waves. Like every year, certain styles and trends make their way into the fashionsphere- like booties for fall, coats for winter, dresses for spring, and bikinis for summer. But what do we love more than a dimple DIY beauty hack? Staying on top of trends.

With these simple but effective looks, you’ll be breaking necks at every turn- guaranteed.


Not so Fast!

Before we let you go experiment, remember to keep your hair healthy and hydrated this autumn with a great treatment mask like this one:


Keratin-treated hair goes great with any look or style. Trust us; you’ll be happy that you did.




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