This Nostalgic Hair Trend is Turnin’ Heads

This Nostalgic Hair Trend is Turnin’ Heads

Scrunch Your Hair Not Your Face

It’s true what they say, the 80’s and 90’s are making a fierce comeback into the ~Land of Latest Trends~ are we are here for it. From high waisted mom jeans, to bright pops of eye color, you don’t have to time travel to reel in the funky fashion feels.

But Did You Know…

Before we get started, we just wanted to point out what we learned today (yes, today). Apparently hair ties can damage your hair. That’s right guys; those thin, boring, stretchy pieces of coated rubber band not only give you unnecessary headaches, but they can rip your hair out and cause breakage with continued use. Which, ew.

But not scrunchies. They’re fun, they’re fashionable, and they’re healthy for your hair- a win/win/win for us! You may be thinking, “scrunchies are SO 1989”, and you are so right, dear reader. But that’s why we’re here for ‘em! Humans love nostalgia, and we also love things that are good for you. Enter: Fashion Scrunchies.

Fun, Fast Fashion (Without Harming The Planet)

The best part about them (other than protecting your precious locks from unneeded stress), is that they can add something different to your look. As most of us do, we only wear our hair up when we really need to. You know, when it’s greasy, unmanageable, and playing dead. Instead, wake up your look with a patterned, colored, or simple scrunchie. It’s a quick way to spruce up your look without having to do much.

Plus, they last 10x longer than hair ties (hello, less waste!), they’re a hell of a lot cuter, and it’ll help you stay right on trend without trying too hard.

Need Inspo?


Don’t worry, we got you covered. Here are some quick and easy ideas on how to maximize that scrunchie of yours:

  1. Half up, half down.
    • If you’re like a good percentage of people, manbuns probably don’t work for you as well as they do on fashion bloggers (believe us, we’ve tried to make the top knot look work for us), but when your hair is being difficult, and you want something that doesn’t require 57 bobby pins to make your bun look “effortless”, adding a scrunchie will do all the work for you – minus the pins, the time, and the strange shaped bird nest on top of your head.
  2. Ponytail
    • Nothing says “adorable, fun and flirty” like a spunky scrunchie on a seemingly plain ponytail. Whenever we do this, we feel like we’re walking straight out of a sock hop, ready to drink a milkshake at the drive in.
  3.  Buns- Low and High
    • Ah, buns. We love ‘em. Bread buns, hair buns- all kinds of buns. When your hair is in extra need of some TLC and you have no time to waste, grab your scrunchie and go. Seriously. That’s all you need. Your scrunchie will take away the attention from your frankenhair, and add life to something that looked like it crawled out of a sewer when you woke up (gotta love bed head).
  4.  On Your Wrist
    • Not tying your hair back today? No problem. They’re a great accessory for your wrist, too! And if you talk with your hands like us, then you’ll find that flicking and moving your wrists will be extra fun and colorful.

All these ideas are great and all, but our favorite part about this #ScrunchieMovement? You’ll never forget who borrowed one from you, as you’ll be able to see them from a mile away. Think about all those lost and stolen hair ties from over the years (RIP).

If you have an extra 2 minutes to spare, lock your look in with this organic, sulfate-free hairspray that DOESN’T leave your hair hard and sticky (we may be going after 80’s vibes, but this time, we’re omitting the stiff, rock hard hair full of chemicals).

You’re doing amazing, sweetie.






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