5 Expert-Approved Tips to Help You Split up With Split Ends

5 Expert-Approved Tips to Help You Split up With Split Ends

Don’t get us wrong, we love getting pampered at the hair salon; between the soothing head massages, the expert care, and the fabulous cuts, we sure don’t mind spending a few relaxing hours getting beautified by our favorite professionals.

As great as it all sounds, not everyone is able to squeeze in a trim every 6-8 weeks. Whether you have a tight schedule, budget, or lust for length (amongst others), we’ve scoured the web in search of expert-approved methods that promote vital hair health while extending the period in which you would need to (literally) pay your stylist a visit. Though saving a few extra bucks and time sounds ideal, hair maltreatment could set you backwards. In fact, improper care and treatment is not only counterproductive, but skimping on snipping those ends could result in more damage; which means your hopes of achieving magic mermaid hair are delayed until further notice. *BRB sobbing*

So, in order to avoid a catastrophe, don’t forget to give your locks the love they require (and desperately deserve). As we all know, most of our hair is dead anyway. But if you want to keep it looking fresh and fancy, don’t ignore the signs for help.

If you’re looking to add length, cutting your ends may seem like a bit of a contradiction (believe us, we know). But here’s why it’s important: Think of your split ends like a tear in your stocking. You’ve seen what happens when your sheer stocking gets a run in it; it goes all the way up to the cross stitching… That is exactly what happens to your split ends.

Though we don’t recommend doing this (seriously don’t), have you ever played with one of your split ends, and split them further just to see what happens? Maybe, maybe not. But if you have, you’ll find that it can essentially split all the way to the root of your hair. And that’swhat happens to allof your split ends if not taken care of properly. But hey, if you’re sincerely trying to achieve a dead, stringy, I-gave-up-on-self-care-years-ago look, then by all means, quit reading along.

Now, if you want to have some serious #HairGoals and maintain your mane at its healthiest, continue on.

You may be thinking, “But my hair never grows!”. Well. That’s because your hair is breaking faster than it can grow *gasp* and you need some extra dustin’ n lovin’. But if you’re truly unable to go as frequently as you should, here’s what’ll help mask(not fix- you can’t fix split ends unless you chop them off) the appearance of splits.

It’s time to make a lifestyle change- don’t make the well-being of your hair an afterthought. We know better, so let’s dobetter, right?


Consult with your stylist

Our hair care professionals are not only licensed to snip, but they’re jam-packed with knowledge and experience; which in the end, benefits you! So listen to them. Their recommendations aren’t arbitrary, they’re calculated and unique to you and your hair; things like texture, color, and daily maintenance go into play.

These tips are meant to help you; exceptional hair care will only do so much. Work with your stylist and come up with a plan that allows your to meet your end goal- one that keeps the integrity of your hair. You may want to ignore their suggestions, but remember: the only tried and trueway to get rid of split ends is to run some shears through them. And that’s the way the cookie crumbles, my dear.

Treat yo’self AND your hair

We’re pretty surprised to say that many people tend to ignore their hair’s plea for a much-needed treatment. Here’s why they shouldn’t be left on read: heat styling strips the hair of moisture. We’ll say it again: heat damages your follicles. Let’s not go denying the science, and do something to protect our tresses, yeah? Treatments will do just that- they help rehydrate, repair, and make your color looking fresh and bouncy for a longer period of time. Investing in a goodtreatment mask will do your hair wonders; keeping it soft, strong, and preventing further split ends. Say bye bye to dry, hay-like hair and hello to envy-worthy locks. You’ve earned it, baby.

Understand your hair needs

Listen, we get it. With so many great products on the market, how can you hone down on one that will do what you need it to? Well, take some time to get to know yourself- truly. Your hair is like a needy child; it needs constant love and attention, or else you’ll end up looking like Cousin It’s less attractive sibling. Yikes.

Also, just because your 2 besties from college use a certain product, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll work for you. Sad, we know. But hey, that’s what makes you special. Keep in mind that many products may have silicones that evidently create a grimey film over your hair cuticle that will NOT budge. Even when shampooing regularly. This can cause your hair to dry out over time, making it brittle and dull. Make sure to speak with your stylist about your concerns, and they can guide you in choosing the right product for your hair.

Put those products to WERK

Much like a gym membership, we tend to buy products for the sole purpose of repairing our mane… But more often than not, we tend to “forget” about them. We may think, “I can skip out on my blow out balm just this once”- WRONG! So, so wrong. Alwaysuse a heat protectant when styling your hair- it’s like going to the beach without any sunscreen. That has self-sabotage written all over it.

Every person’s hair is unique, but they all have one thing in common- a need for heat protection. No matter how curly, straight, fine, course, or wavy the hair, proper protection helps keep it healthier and shinier for much longer. And really, who doesn’t want to look like they stepped out of a salon every day? That’s what we thought.

Beat the heat and tone it down

As Nelly says, it’s gettin’ hot in here, so take off all y- wait. No, don’t do that. Unless you want. We’re not judging… But we willjudge you if you keep your hot tools at a flamin’ 450 degrees. Seriously, it’s not necessary and it really damages your hair. Plus, most heat protectants on the market do not protect past 350 degrees. So think twice before you amp up the temperature and start singing along to Sean Paul’s “Temperature” while doing so.

Remember: Less heat = less damage. More care = more hair!





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