The Benefits of Using Salon Quality Products

The Benefits of Using Salon Quality Products

Skip out on the cheap stuff, nourish your hair with the good stuff

Why you should buy professional products Instead

You might be thinking: “But aren’t these brands more expensive?” Well, yeah. But that’s why they’re so good. Only the best of the best gets displayed at salons; since they’re tried, tested, and approved by the hair care professionals in the industry.

Though you may think your stylist is only trying to sell you on a blow out balm, hairspray, or shampoo, just know that they’re doing you a favor. So listen to them. Working in the hair industry, these professionals are bombarded with hundreds of products- some good, some great. And with all their hair knowledge, they’re sure to steer you in the right direction. After all, happy hair, happy client.

It’s all in the ingredients

Good quality brands know the importance of organically sourced and harvested materials. This makes all the difference in the overall product and quality; which in turn, benefits your hair.

Most of these brands don’t have harsh chemicals and don’t dilute their products with water or alcohol-based solvents. This keeps your hair safe from parabens and other things, like silicone and sulfate (which can ruin the integrity of your hair over time).

They are potent

You ever hear your stylist say, “use just a little”? Yeah. That’s because with potent products, you only need a dime sized amount in order for it to work effectively. Sure beats having to squeeze out almost half the bottle of conditioner for maximum results. With a higher grade brand, a little goes a long way.

Approved by professionals

Like we said before, your stylist is someone that knows about hair. They’ve studied it, they work with it, and they genuinely love it. A client’s happiness is directly linked to theirs (for real), so they’re going to make sure their people get treated properly.

As a stylist, if you were to recommend a bad product to a client, it can backfire and impact their credibility. So in order to avoid mishaps like that, they’re well-versed in what products and ingredients truly benefit the hair.

What you can do now

Since we’re a lil more #educated now, here is a list of high quality products used and favored by industry professionals:

By being consistent with your hair care, and only using the best products, you will certainly see a difference in the bounciness, vibrancy, and overall health of your hair.





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