Cool Haircuts & Styles for Fine, Straight Hair

Cool Haircuts & Styles for Fine, Straight Hair

Hair is a love one day, hate the next kind of game

Everybody goes through seasons where their hair appears picture-perfect. And others where they’d rather hide under their blankets at home.

We hear the expression, “I wouldn’t be caught dead doing….” And those with fine hair don’t want to be caught anywhere with thinly bland tresses. Fine haired individuals may possess a sheer and utter sleekness like no other, but it’s no secret that this hair type is hardest to maintain in terms of styling.

Our medium and coarse textures achieve successes where fine textures lack. And here’s why! Compared to medium and coarse textures of hair, finer hair contributes the least amount of weight, therefore making it more challenging to hold a style. This, too, works the opposite way.

Many of us know the shape of our hair follicles determines our texture. Fine, straight textures have circular hair follicles while wavy and curly textures possess oval and oblong follicles. If your curls are spirally, then your follicle is nearly flat.

As people with finer hair attempt to add curl, they momentarily change their follicle shape. Same works for coarse and medium textures that desire to straighten. After some time, your follicle will return to its original form. I know, annoying right?

Fine Ladies With Fine Hair

Here are a few hairstyles for my super fine textured ladies that never cease to create the illusion of volume.

No one ever goes wrong with highlights. Consider the Ombre method! Defined as “shaded” in French, Ombre is darker roots that blend into lighter ends. It’s high in contrast with a hint of spunk, and warm or earthy tones are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to color choices.

Dimension is your friend when you’ve got fine hair. If you’re keen to asymmetrical haircuts (who isn’t?), you might want to try an uneven bob! By bringing some of your hair from one side of the head to the opposite side, you are creating texture and weight. Pick up some texturizing salt spray, and use a flat iron to usher in some soft beach waves.

We’re so quick to blow-dry our hair after a shampoo and condition in the shower, but how often do you bask in the gorgeousness of those wet tresses? It’s what many of us wish our hair looked like when damp, so why not wear it proudly?

To effectively pull this off, invest in a humidity-resistant foam that will not leave your hair feeling crunchy. Products such as these will aid in fighting frizz, not to mention a silky, polished finish!

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